How We Came To Be

Hi, my name is Laraib Uppal, and things are about to get personal here. Like, super personal.

First of all - I am a young entertainer. I guarantee that you either know me, or know someone who knows me. I am local to Winnipeg and have lived here my entire life. (Well...).

My passion to become the lead industry entertainer was once a mere dream. As days turn to weeks, weeks to months, and months to years, that vision becomes more and more clear. The goal is simple; to provide outstanding, state-of-the-art, highly professional production level entertainment mediums that Winnipeg has ever seen. Without compromising on price.

My focus is to create a dynasty of platforms; photography, cinematography, photo booth services, DJ services, audio / visual rentals and installation, full event coordination, and much MUCH more. However, I know and understand my limitations.

The dream to achieve big comes with a solid team because, realistically, I alone am unable to achieve it. That is why I hand-pick a perfect team of artists and designers that see the same vision that I do. And together, we become your perfect go-to team.

Thank you for reading a bit more about the vision that goes behind Mirror Booth Studio, an affiliate of the larger scheme of things; Laraib Studio.

Check back to read more on how we will become Winnipeg's hottest entertainment company!



-Laraib Uppal

Founder and Director

Laraib Uppal